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Eight Ball Sound provides complete sound services for interactive entertainment, film, television and the internet. We offer a full range of services spanning from sound effects design to dialog and foley editing. We specialize in custom sound design and high quality sample conversion techniques for interactive entertainment, achieving the best quality sound possible at lower sampling rates. When the project dictates, we will custom record sound effects on location in order to get the exact type of sound to work with the visuals.

Our rates are very competitive; we have had very positive comments from clients who have not been previously able to get such high quality sound for such a competitive rate. We can accommodate small to large projects; our editors can work remotely or out of your facility depending on your project needs.

Eight Ball Sound has been having a very successful season, having completed production on the critically acclaimed "Star Fleet Academy" title from Interplay as well as "Fallout," "Atomic Bomberman," and "Red Asphalt" also developed by Interplay. We also recently completed dialog editing on the titles "Lands of Lore II: Guardians of Destiny" and "Bladerunner" for Virgin Interactive/Westwood Studios.