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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

"The soundtrack and audio effects are rousing and boisterous, qualities perfectly consistent with the subject matter." - Gamespot (Xbox360)
"The sound effects get the job done with plenty of gunfire and smacking noises, while the cinematic score that plays in the background has its own superhero charm." -
"Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 sounds great. Every attack sounds like it should, from the snikt of Wolverine's claws to the groundshaking noises of pretty much everything The Thing does." -
"The sound effects are well done, which some good music and battle sounds." -

Ratatouille (Multi-Platform)

"Great voice acting, an excellent score, and fun sound effects make Ratatouille one of the better-sounding games of the year." - (PS3)- Sound 9.0/10
"...Meanwhile, the Parisian style music and goofy sound effects provide an uplifting complement to the onscreen action." - Gamespot (Gameboy Advance)
"...But everything sounds good. The voice-overs and quirky sound effects are improved by a mesmerizing soundtrack, courtesy of Lost and Medal of Honor composer Michael Giacchino." - Gamezone (PS3)
"During the course of actual gameplay, the soundtrack mainly consists of slapsticky sound effects and Parisian-style music that totally fits with the story's setting." -Gamespot (PSP)
"The music is good and not annoying. The sound effects are realistic and timely." (Nintendo DS)
"Good sound work captures the theme and feel of running through the streets, sewers and soup kitchens of the City of Light." - (Gameboy) - Sound 7.5/10

SOCOM: US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2 (FTB2) - PSP

"The sound in Fireteam Bravo 2 is great,.. There's also a ton of voice work in the game from civilians, teammates, and enemies. All of the voices sound good, and, more importantly, they don't get annoying or repetitive..." - GameSpot
"Likewise, the audio manages to be eyebrow raisingly good... " -

SOCOM: US Navy Seals Combined Assault - PS2

"The audio in the game is, as always, superlative, though... and the radio chatter with familiar voices like Jennifer Hale and the ubiquitous Steve Blum is all solid stuff..."
"Meanwhile, the sound is still very impressive. The voice acting continues to have a lot of depth and character..." -

Jak X: Combat Racing - PS2

"...We can say, however, that Jak X sure gave our speakers a workout. Naughty Dog has put the PS2's Pro-Logic II capability to good use. Explosions, jungle sound effects, and the bass from the music were erupting from literally every direction. If you're a fan of 3D spatial sound, you won't be disappointed." -
""...The sound effects are sure to tear your speakers to pieces, with thunderous explosions and rip-roaring effects all over. If only the music kept up pace with everything..." -
"The music and sound effects are equally well done. The many different racers make comments as they inflict damage or get hit by other competitors, and on occasion it's too much, but for the most part, there's a nice balance of the roaring sounds of the vehicles, the pops and whizzes of the weapons, and the character voice-overs." - Gamespot- Sound 9/10
"All the sound effects, from the roaring engines to the gunfire and explosions, are very well done..." - Ace Games - Sound 9/10
"...It revs to a techno-metal soundtrack and roars with a destructive dose of nuclear artillery. Sure, you'll be cruising through laps like any proper racer — online, even — only instead of 'toon-style whimsy, things get heavy. The flames of freshly exploded vehicles will scorch your front 'n' rear, but it's those centimeter-close encounters with rogue missiles that'll sear the hair on your arms." - Sound & Vision
"I like the voicework that's provided for Jak X, as the actors seem truthful to their dialogue and refuse to let it fall into "hammy-ville". The sound effects are sure to tear your speakers to pieces, with thunderous explosions and rip-roaring effects all over. " - Gamerfeed
"The game's audio is similarly impressive. The game's soundtrack is largely compromised of standard rock music, though the game features some Queens of the Stone Age music in the introduction. The sound effects are pretty good. You'll hear the vehicles move around and weapons going by with rich sound. The voice acting is also impressive. You'll hear excellent voice overs and solid dialogue." - Sound 9/10
"The sound was one of the best. It made me laugh. When ever Daxter spoke. It was a very nice sounding game. The engine of the car, to the characters of the game." - – Sound 10/10

Jak 3 - PS2

"These are the kinds of audible tracks you absorb and accept as truth when the explosion from Jak's Plasmite RPG launches a tiny round grenade that you can hear click against the ground and burst upon impact, or when his Vulcan Fury's machinegun burst actually speeds up slow and then steadily the more your finger triggers the rate of fire. Even dune buggies roar and rampage with repeated machinegun and laser fire, Leapers leap and squawk as they soar and run along in their raptor-like ways, and hoverbikes and the hoverboard give their best realism effects with speed and soaring sounds in which all make for a believable platform environment in the multi-pathed, multipart universe of Jak 3." - –Sound 9.5/10
"The sound effects are well done, particularly some of the awesome explosion sounds that are so loud they'll probably shake your shelves with the right speakers..." -
"And finally, the regular little sounds around the game. Whether it's listening to punch someone out, or hearing the great noise of a Metal Head screech in pain, the sound is unbeatable. I've always loved each musical and sound aspect of the series, but I would have to say Jak 3 passes them all." - - Sound 9/10
"Audio in the game is also of the highest standards... Sound effects such as the sound of the weapons are excellent and the music, although not earth shattering does its job nicely..." -
"...The sound effects for Jak 3 sound just as good as they did in the previous game. Everything from the explosions, to the gun fire, and even the vehicles sound really well..." - - Sound 9.6/10

Jak II: Renegade - PS2

2004 MPSE Golden Reel Award Nominee – Best Sound for Computer Entertainment

"Sound is as good as it gets on the PS2. Naughty Dog has included a ton of dialogue into Jak II, the sound effects are great, and the music although along the same lines as the first entry seems fitting and everything seems to come together into an aurally pleasing package..." - - Sound 9/10
"The sound effects are awesome, with everything from the earth-shaking rumble of a tank to the sound of the keys in the ignition when you steal a car (yes, it does sound like there are keys in the ignition when you jack unattended vehicles!) to the rattling report of the minigun you can get." - – Sound 9.5/10
"Whilst the sound and music are sometimes neglected in games of this type, they excel here as expected. All of the sound effects are spot on, the voice acting is fantastic and often laugh-out-loud funny; the lip-synching is spot on too, really bringing the myriad of characters to life. The sound of guards calling for back up as their laser blasts whistle past you and the sound of your own weapons, the explosions, the alien noises of Metalheads and other foes, the distinctive whir of every hover engine (the sounds of which vary), it's all here..." - –Sound 10/10
"The voice acting is wonderful; the sound effects are tuned like a feature film, and the music is a cinematic symphony to perfectly complement the fully-realized narrative---" - – Sound 5/5
"Gameplay sounds are realistic, appropriate, and effective. Atmospheric sounds are excellent..." -
"In this game, there is a lot of interacting, so the sound needs to be quality. And it is." -
"Thrilling and suspenseful. Fits the game perfectly. The blasters sound like blasters, and when the metalheads die, you know it..!" -

Enter the Matrix - PS2 /Xbox/GC

"The sound is well-done, featuring the voices of many cast members and pieces of music from the film. Everything sounds like it should and has been remastered for optimal use in surround sound systems... - – Sound 9/10
"Very well done, featuring most of the cast and top-notch sound effects. It's a good game to test your sound system with." - – Sound 9/10
"...The aural goodness doesn't end at the score, however, This is a sonically rich game, especially if you have the setup to appreciate it..." - – Sound 9/10
"The good sound work is almost the exact opposite of the graphics work. Many sounds from the "Matrix" films are used, and the various punch, kick, and hit sounds lend the bland gameplay a bit more weight. Try playing the game with the sound effects turned off to see just how vital they are to the experience. " -
"Enter The Matrix is indeed one of the best sounding games to hit the GameCube. Every bang & boom is made with the highest level of detail. The rattta tat tat of you and your enemy's guns are great. Makes you feel like you're deep into the action. While in focus mode the wiz of hot lead past you noggin in also a real treat. The sound of kicks punches & crunches are all sweet with great collision detection. The voice work is done very well with the real actors & actresses doing it and all. Nothing sounds weird or outta wack. Although sometimes when the characters speak their lips are not in sync with the words that comes flying out. But it's nothing to go bananas over! Did I mention the DDPL-II support!
" - – Sound 9.8/10

Starlancer - PC

2000 MPSE Golden Reel Award Winner – Best Sound for Computer Entertainment

"...I've already said the voice acting is top notch - not only are all the accents right, but the dialogue is great stuff, and said with feeling. The word "Immersive" gained new meaning when I played Starlancer..." -
"Backing this up is some excellent audio. Voice acting throughout is good, helping to define the characters. Since you never actually talk to them on your carrier and have to get to know them through mid-mission communications, this is critical. Audio effects and 3D sound are also done well." -
"The sound effects in StarLancer are first-rate, with unique sounds for various ships and guns, and the high quality voiceovers and musical score create the feeling of being in a Hollywood movie..." - – Sound 4.5/5

Star Trek: New Worlds - PC

"Sound...well, what can I say. It is great and as with the graphics, just makes the mood more intense. The commands and voice acting sound are also amazingly convincing and simply make this game a pleasure to play." -
"The sound effects are vintage Star Trek with a bit of updating, from the familiar original series sonar ping that could be heard on the bridge to the sub-woofer-vibrating boom of weapons fire..." - Gamezilla
"Here's the good part of New Worlds. The graphics and sounds are top notch. The unit animations, weather effects, and terrain detail is extremely good, as are the weapon and vehicle sounds, voice acting and explosions..." -
"The good part is that the voice-over is done well. Not too much emotion, nor is it monotone. This is a recurring theme, as the audio in the game is amazing... I loved the audio. Just about everything that had to do with sound was exceptional. The music was always fitting and made a pleasant backdrop for all your activities. (Much like Starfleet Command, which is where I fell in love with Star Trek again.)... Almost makes you want to cry when you think how great this game would have been if the gameplay had equaled the sound. Orchestral score perfectly matches what you're doing, and the voice-overs are effective." - – Sound 9/10

Descent 3 - PC

"The quality of the sound impressed me too. The new robots actually have distinguishable voices - one bot may tell you to freeze, another may simply screech as it is alerted to your presence. If you really pay attention, you should be able to instantly recognize which enemy is nearby simply by the sound you hear..." -
"The rapid fire action of Descent 3 is complimented by a moody, pulse pounding score and a host of cinema-worthy sound effects, all presented in glorious Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.&qupt; - Electric Playground
"Sound effects are plentiful and well done. Explosions erupt with lots of satisfying, floor-rattling bass, lasers ping nicely, flamethrowers emit appropriate rumbling whooshes, and there's plenty of ambient beeping, hissing, and mechanical humming. Of special note is the game's soundtrack. A mix of slightly skewed techno and oddball trance, virtually every track is memorable and strangely appropriate. This is the rare game that may inspire you to shut off the sound effects so that you can enjoy the music." -
"Sound and control are on a similar plane of greatness. The overall slickness of the audio, video, and tangible facets of the game make the action some of the most hard hitting, and utterly satisfying out there, especially considering the great variety and chaotic nature lent to combat by the advanced maneuverability." - Game Revolution

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - PC

PC Role Playing Game of the Year

PC Game of the Year

Game Play Engineering

AIAS-Academy of Interactive Sciences Nominee-1999

"The program uses a mixture of speech and text, with choices given for answers to the questions of NPCs. The music is wonderful, and the battle sounds are well rendered." -
"The audio on this game absolutely soars. A musical treat for the ears." - Gaming Edge

Fallout - PC

Outstanding Achievement in Sound & Music

AIAS-Academy of Interactive Sciences Nominee -1997

"The voices of the characters has been done extremely well - all the non-player characters that have large roles in the game have beautifully rendered animations and their own voices. The most notable voice actor on the project is Richard Dean Anderson (better known as MacGyver), whose voice makes a hard-edged survivalist come to life. These together give the game an almost movie quality finish." - Game Revolution

Star Trek: Klingon Academy - PC

"The gameplay in enhanced by rich, cinematic graphics and movie-quality sound. Reviewed on a 19-inch monitor, it gave the felling of being inside a Star Trek movie..." - USA Today
"The game's sound and music effectively re-create the mood of the series." - Gamespot

Blade Runner - PC

Adventure Game of the Year Winner

AIAS – Academy of Interactive Sciences Awards -1997

"The actual sound effects in Blade Runner aren't half as numerous, or important, as the great digitized speech. From McCoy's narration to the individualized voices of all the in-game characters, the digitized speech is right on the money. It helps flesh out all the characters (all characters...), turning them from static screen images into animated suspects in your ongoing investigation..." - – Sound 4.5/5
"You may be wondering how this game could get any better. It does, and it's a great tribute to the film. Many of the original actors do voices for the game. With Sean Young reprising her role as Rachel and Brion James as Leon, these professional actors fix a huge problem that has plagued games - voice acting. For possibly the first time ever, a game has good voice acting that is sure to please even the most doubtful critic..." - Game Evolution

Lands of Lore II: Guardians of Destiny - PC

"To cap off the audio department, music is grand and majestic, SFX are decent, and great voice work ... Pretty praise-worthy performances all around in LOL2. With very few exceptions, you can rate the performances from adequate to excellent. Your own character, Luther, can be both pathetic and comic. He can also deliver a comic line: "What can you say about the man who killed your mother?" is my favorite. The Draracle, one of the gods in the game, has the most amazing voice. Sounds a lot like the guy who taught media management when I was in school actually. Both have the wickedest radio voice." - Electric Playground

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